About The Club

Allegro FlagAllegro Club International was formed in 1990 - the result of a joke placed in a magazine.  At the time the Allegro had been out of production for only 8 years and the butt of many jokes since it was first introduced in May 1973.  The Allegro represented budget motoring and the club helped to keep many cars on the road by offering technical support, advice and, most crucially, spares.  Over 640,000 Allegros were built from 1973 to 1982, and membership of the club peaked at around 900 before slowly reducing over time to the current steady level of approximately 250 members.

Today the Club continues to offer support, technical advice, our club magazine Quartic, events, and spares to keep cars on the road, whilst the car continues to attract attention and comment - mostly good, some bad.

The jokes and rumours are still repeated: the car is more aerodynamic in reverse, if you jack it up the windows fall out, it was banned from the Mersey Tunnel, they all have square steering wheels… we've heard them all.

As the club celebrated its 25th anniversary, the humble Allegro had become a much loved and cherished classic car.  In 2015 our national rally was held at Crich Tramway Museum - where we held some of our early national rallies - and in September 2015 we joined other BL clubs at the Milton Keynes Museum of Rural Life, where we held our very first national rally.

In 1995 the club was incorporated in England and became a limited company to protect its members from the potential unlimited liabilities arising from organising events and selling parts. Details can be found at Companies House under company name Allegro Club International or company number 3139770.

If you're looking for an economical, practical classic car with character that is fun and easy to drive, reliable (contrary to what its critics say), easily maintained, cheap to buy and economical to run - the Allegro is the perfect choice.

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