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I have been informed by the current owner, that his Allegro needs rescuing! The following is his description...

My 1977 Allegro 1500 Super, 4Dr., Damask Red has been awaiting some restoration work for a good many years.  The car is in quite good condition, considering it's age.

However , there are holes in the rear sills that need attention and the Hydragas suspension has slumped on the offside since it has been stored  in it's present location.

Bonnet,  Doors, Boot lid, Roof, Wings , Window glasses, and Interior seats are all in good condition.  The car can be driven - obviously not on the Highway.

The braking system was overhauled with new calipers and discs and hydraulic hoses.  The brake fluid reservoir is holding fluid OK but the brakes are not pumping up on the pedal.

There may be a small charge for the car due to expenses involved with its current location but no figure has been mentioned as yet. I will update this listing as more information comes in.

The car is located near Liverpool.

If you are interested in this car please email me!