Festival of the Unexceptional 2019 Show Report

Allegro Club International's Events Co-ordinator Tom Morley has provided the following report from this years Festival of the Unexceptional. Pictures from the day can be found in the 2019 Gallery .....

"The wonderful team at Hagerty Insurance once again hosted the ‘Festival of the Unexceptional’ on Saturday 20th July. This year the event was at a new venue, the Claydon Estate in Buckinghamshire.

This event celebrates the mundane, everyday cars that used to be on street corners everywhere. 50 cars are selected to take part in the ‘Concours de L’Ordinaire’ and the rest of the event compromises a massive ‘classic parking’ area where Citroen Visas sit happily alongside Datsun Sunnys as if it were 1984. A number of manufacturers including Vauxhall, VW and Toyota displayed cars from their heritage collections, and for the first time the show included a number of exceptionally unexceptional light commercials.
Look out for a more detailed report in Quartic 122, due out at the end of September 2019."