Spares Service - Latest News


Dad is pretty much 99% recovered now. He just gets tired easily (his excuse for a longer siesta maybe?) and lacks a bit of confidence when driving but even that is improving.

The Rover passed it's MoT (just!) and I've put the BMW out to pasture for a while.

I'm currently doing my 5th straight 12 hour day which means I have not been able to get to the spares shed for a while and I am sitting on quite a few orders at the moment. I'm on nights this weekend (still intend to go to Nuffield on Sunday but I may need some matchsticks!) then it's my days weekend followed by (with any luck) my first 2 weeks off for over 18 months! I can't wait! I've put a temporary hold on any new orders until I can clear the backlog again. Please re-send any new orders next week although I'll do my best to fulfill them asap.

Thanks for your ongoing patience!


My father is making an amazing recovery but that brings about it's own problems as he now wants to get into everything including chainsaws and tractors! He is also itching to go out for a drive but I've hidden his keys :-)     Thanks to everyone for your messages of support.

I am trying to catch up on deliveries but I have got a lot on at the moment. As well as looking after dad, doing laundry, mowing lawns, shopping etc. my X3 has decided it is time for a clutch and dad's Rover 216 cabriolet needs an MoT which I'm hoping to get done before his insurance runs out.

I am also delivering "Very Bury" to it's new home in Tring, so look out for us! It is fantastic that this car looks like it will be saved. Thanks to Iain. I am also (believe it or not) collecting another Allegro on the same day (glutton for punishment me!). More of that at a later date.

I will try to answer your emails and postal queries (please note my new address!) as promptly as I can but I probably won't be able to get any spares out for a week or 2 at the earliest. Anything urgent, I will do my best.

Thanks all,


Thanks for all the kind messages. My father is improving and with some help at home I am able to do some packing and posting. Still a very low level service at the moment I'm afraid. Thanks for your patience!


Due to a recent serious health problem that my father has suffered, I am unable to provide any spares for the time being. I will reply to emails sent to or via the web form as soon as possible and will update this announcement as soon as the situation allows.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Graham Toye
ACI Spares Secretary