Spares Service relaunch

We are pleased to announce that the Spares Serviceis now able to process orders once more.

In July a team of committee members and friends spent a weekend at the store and completed a stocktake of most of our stock: this has now been entered into a computer spreadsheet and will enable us to produce an up to date list for members who are interested.

The size and layout of the basement in which the parts are stored has always made managing the stock a challenge and you can see from the photos here that we certainly had our work cut out while the count was in full swing! However, the rent we pay for the premises is extremely good value and despite plenty of effort on our part over the last couple of years, we have been unable to find anypremises elsewhere that would be affordable. Of course, any move would come with a substantial cost for transporting the parts and we would want to evaluate any proposal to ensure there is a long term solution for the spares service; we have concluded that this is best achieved if any proposal is made in writing. We would of course give serious consideration to any opportunity which was made with the necessary assurances.  If you have a suggestion for a way forward, please contact any of the committee.

In the meantime, Jon Bennett has kindly offered to make a 120-mile round trip to Hastings on roughly a monthly basis to pick, pack and despatch spares orders.

What you need to do:

Send your requirements, using the contact form, selecting the category Spares. Alternatively, you can write to Graham Toye (see Who’s Who page in your latest Quartic for details).

We will need your name, address, postcode, membership number and ideally your Allegro chassis, commission and engine numbers (some series 3 and Belgian-built series 2 cars may not have a commission number) together with as much information as possible about the part(s) you require. Your telephone number may also be useful in case we need to clarify any information with you.

Parts that cannot be handled by Royal Mail will need to be collected from Hastings, although we will do our best to help with this, for example getting them transported to car shows with the help of other members if that is possible. In addition to this, we are arranging an open weekend at the end of August (see Events page for more details).

As soon as our stock list has been finalised, it will be available for all members: email us or send a SAE to Graham. Obviously it will only be completely accurate on the day it is printed, due to stock being sold or new items being added, but it should be helpful in informing you of what we are likely to be able to supply.

Finally, please remember that whilst every effort is made by Allegro Club International to supply parts that are of satisfactory quality and appropriate for the vehicle stated, many parts supplied are classed as ‘new old stock’; this means they have never been fitted to or used on a vehicle, but could have been held in stock for many years and been subject to a natural ageing process. All parts are supplied on the understanding that the vehicle owner shall, seeking suitably qualified advice if necessary, ensure the fitness for purpose of such parts and accept that they are used at the owner’s risk.